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Our Services

  • Income Tax Preparation (Business and Personal)

  • Electronic Refund Check

  • IRS Direct Check

  • Electronic Filing

Income Tax Preparation

At Smith-Manes Service, we prepare your income taxes swiftly and completely, handling the details so you don't have to.  Forget about the stress of tax season.  Our team of professionals will take into account all relevant laws and ensure you receive the maximum refund possible. Guaranteed!


Income tax preparation is one of the most important and requested services we provide.  The complexity involved in completing income tax paperwork and filing on time and in full can make preparing income taxes on your own a difficult task.  Let us help.

Electronic Refund Check

Our Electronic Refund Check service allows you to receive your refund from the IRS in as few as 5 days days after your tax return has been filed and accepted.  No need to wait for a check to come by mail.  We'll deposit your refund directly into your account, getting you your money as fast as possible.

Electronic Filing

Electronic filing allows us to submit your tax return directly to the IRS, saving weeks of transit time and getting you your refund faster.  Today, nearly 60% of tax returns are filed electronically.  Don't send your return through the mail and endure the delay that accompanies this method.  Let us electronically file your return today. 

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